About Us

The Board of Directors of ALCOR is made up of representative Directors of ALCOR group companies from all regions ALCOR operate in. ALCOR uses a cube-i model of corporate governance to ensure globalization of services by localization. Our strengths lie in combining our strategic growth understanding with our market expertise and applying these with absolute commitment to your growth success. Our core business growth imperatives are to work with clients to maximize the pace and alignment required to grow your business and to reduce the related risk.

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5C Capital

Caprice Technology Solutions Inc.

ALCOR Mergers and Acquisitions- Asia

ALCOR Capital Inc.

STAMOD Engineering Solutions

Global Autocon Inc

PsyClone RBP

Reliance Technologies

ALCOR Human Resource Asset Management

Diversified Business Units

Fund and Asset Management

Investment Banking


Corporate Finance

Client Testimonials

Our business relationship with Alcor has been rewarding and met all our expectations. The team is very professional and has a deep and thorough understanding of the matters they are involved in. The team is personable, articulate, and has a high level of integrity. We enjoyed working with ALCOR, were pleased with the results, and would definitely work with them again.

Doug Harmon - President and CEO

ALCOR really knows business and especially international business. They are professionals, and know how to get the job done. They are patient and yet still press for completion.

Steve Polonis- Director