Business Units

ALCOR has a remarkably broad and diversified business. We provide companies and individuals with a series of high value and growth financial products and services across the world's major and emerging markets. Whether you are interested in planning complex deals, trading on the moment to moment movements of the capital markets, analyzing the financial needs of a company or a wealthy family, ALCOR is the place to be.

Fund and Asset Management

ALCOR manages two types of funds: Buyout fund and SME fund.

Investment Banking

We are consistently recognized for our performance in both traditional and innovative financing and structure techniques, helping a wide range of clients around the world to make and execute decisions about their business, financial structure, and strategy. Raising private equity capital for the companies, private placements or even complex leveraged buyouts are structured through the global team coordination in ALCOR.


ALCOR plans and executes a wide range of complex corporate transactions which include M&A, Joint Venture and Alliances. We help companies not only to do low cost equity buy, or high price sell or merge units, but also to reorganize and to form outstanding joint ventures and alliances. Management may want to turn a public company into a private company or defend their company against an unwanted takeover. Our M&A group works closely with other departments of ALCOR to keep high -level relationship with current and potential clients. We are always looking for innovative ways to help clients solve problems and apply resources to greatest advantage.

Corporate Finance

ALCOR structures and underwrites in collaboration with third party banks, and trades collateralized securities in certain regions across the globe. The teams work cross border and work on commercial backed and collateralized debt obligations securities in both cash and asset lease markets. The team works to leverage on structured debt products and combination of structured debt and equity based products for clients. The group also focuses on yield enhancement, customized risk management solutions and global market access.