Corporate Services

Corporate Services provides a vast array of functions that keep ALCOR working efficiently. Logistics, travel, hotel booking, researching a deal, preparing presentations, staff of ALCOR rely on corporate services for the support they need. Its units provide everything from cell phones to video and audio conferencing, mail, copies and fax services, desktop publishing, website design, print materials, gift items. Corporate services negotiate service contracts, procure supplies, manage our offices, power and plumbing, our cafeterias, and catering, not to mention managing our global offices.


The ALCOR finance team protects the reputation and financial integrity of the company. It works closely with internal and external clients to ensure that ALCOR’s financial records meet the highest standards of regulatory compliance, disclosure, and transparency. Its departments include the ‘Internal Audit and Control IAC Group’, in charge of implementing financial controls; Corporate Treasury, which manages the company’s financial resources around the world; as well as our Tax department, investor relations with clarity and focus.

Government Relations

ALCOR Government relations serves as an advocate on public policy, legislative and regulatory issues those are important to the firm. It works closely on policy initiatives and legislative matter at the state, federal and international levels to help ALCOR manage and grow its businesses. Government Relations attorneys and professionals meet and work with legislators, regulators, and international lawmakers and dignitaries to ensure that the concerns of ALCOR are heard and understood. They also work closely with financial services industry trade associations to represent the varied interest of the company.

Corporate Communications

Corporate Communications The Corporate communication team facilitates ALCOR communication with media audiences and employees. For the company as a whole and also for the individual business units, it brings experience and consistency to our relationships with the press and our dialogue with employees. Its goals are to promote ALCOR’s strengths and to build and to maintain the company’s reputation. Corporate Communications issues press releases for the company and its business units and helps provide ALCOR spokespeople with access to the media. It also advises clients during sensitive, high value transactions.

Human Resources

HR provides support and strategy at every level of ALCOR business. It helps firm management with strategic direction in employee recruiting, retention, development and compensation. HR coverage teams also partner with individual business units to deliver services in recruiting, data analysis, employee relations guidance, and compensation analysis and performance management. Other HR teams are product - focused, specializing in compensation, benefits, firm wide data and learning and development services. Wherever in the world our people may be located, HR maintains their experience of being a ALCOR employee.

Skills Management

Skills Management is responsible for developing ALCOR leaders, managers and individuals to be the finest in our line of business, and for fostering a culture of excellence that attracts and rewards outstanding talent. We help ALCOR staff to work across business divisions and personal interest to deliver the best financial thinking, products and execution in the world. Skills Management seeks to unleash the power of shared values, reinforce the commitment of leaders who embody these values.

Public Participation

The mission of Public Participation is to strengthen individuals and families; to encourage volunteerism by our employees and increase the impact of their efforts; and to strengthen relationships with the communities where our employees live and work. The Public Participation department is the philanthropic arm of all ALCOR companies. The program primarily supports children in need in developing countries. ALCOR offers a number of other decentralized and international programs, including locally –managed giving by business units across the globe. These programs are based in South Africa, India, and China with cause related marketing and sponsorship efforts.

ALCOR Marketing

ALCOR Self Marketing team ensures that ALCOR gains the greatest value from its brand. It manages every aspect of our brand worldwide, from corporate advertising, campaigns and sponsorships to umbrella marketing messages, research, product naming, graphic standards, and publication systems. The team provides strategic guidance and creative support for business units and internal groups seeking to harness the power of our brand. It helps transform our intellectual capital into client relationship by planning and executing hundreds of meetings, events and conferences each year and assessing their business impact.

Credit Risk Management

Credit Risk Management protects the firm from exposure to losses resulting from defaults from client’s success fees, lending and trading counterparts. With complex transactions that are cross border, it is critical to perform exhaustive research to evaluate credit risk and understand the consequences if one side of a deal breaks down. After thorough evaluation, Credit Research assigns each counterparty to a credit rating to denote the level of risk taken by the company. On this basis, Credit approves or rejects request for loans, project underwriting, derivates, trade request and such from our clients.