Corporate Social Responsibility

ALCOR is dedicated to making a positive contribution to society through our focus on the environment, our people, responsible business practices, community investment and strengthening the next generation of citizens. Because our firm was founded on the principal of doing first-class business in a first-class way, we take the larger view that the way business is done matters to our clients.
Our CSR is a direct reflection of the firm's core values and enhances our ability to provide superior service to our clients, our employees and our communities.


At Alcor, Technology works as a strategic partner with our business units and in partnership with leading technology companies, to redefine how we do business in financial market that are increasingly global, complex and dynamic. Our significant investment technology results in quantitative trading systems,; cutting edge modeling and simulation software; comprehensive risk and security system; robust client - relationship capabilities; and world class infrastructure that forms the backbone of these systems and tools. Alcor clients value not only in our insight into technology but also our applications and infrastructure, which add competitive advantage to their business.


Operations are the guardian of Alcor’s financial wellbeing for sales, trading and other business activities and for the company as a whole. As one of the largest division in the company, it has diverse responsibilities. These include ensuring that all operation risks are recognized and managed, developing and maintaining strong clients relationship; making sure transactions are settled and recorded correctly; supported new markets and new products; partnering with technology to realize the full potential of IT and e-solutions. Throughout, we continually seek opportunities to improve operations and deliver solutions. ALCOR’s business round the world is supported by groups and teams with a wide variety of specialized skills. They provide information and strategic thinking to the Management Committee; help to ensure the long-term growth and efficient day-to-day functioning of our business; and serve the well-being of our shareholders, clients and employees.

Legal and Compliance

The attorneys and other professionals of legal and compliance provide a wide range of services to our business units. They might help to defuse an investor dispute; structure a complex and sensitive cross-border transaction; advice on a new product introduction; or develop a training program. They preserve the firm’s invaluable reputation for integrity and protect the firm from sanctions with policies and procedures that meet regulatory requirements around the world. They also strive to maintain cooperative relationships with governmental policy makers and the regulatory and self-regulatory agencies that govern the firm’s business.