ALCOR would not be such a successful organization without great people and strong teamwork. We provide our people with solid career growth opportunities and a people-oriented workplace environment. Our philosophy is quite simply, when our employees achieve their best, so do our clients and our business prosper. Our Mission is ‘To be the best financial services company in emerging markets that provides outstanding results to its clients, employees and shareholders’ To achieve this goal, we focus relentlessly on carrying out our business principles, which are fundamental to everything we do. They are to:

Strive to be the best

  • Develop to be a leader in every business we operate
  • Be client-driven, consistently delivering the best products and services in a cost-effective way
  • Innovate, test and learn
  • Create services that carry a commitment of quality and integrity
  • Precision point Execution

Precision point Execution

  • Demand and maintain strong financial discipline, building for good times and bad
  • Create and maintain a fortress balance sheet
  • Design and maintain the best systems and operations
  • Eliminate waste and bureaucracy
  • Maintain a strong system of internal governance and controls
  • Measure performance through a complete and balanced scorecard

Build a great team and a winning culture

  • Operate with the highest standards of integrity
  • Train and retain great managers
  • Be open and honest with ourselves, our colleagues, our shareholders and our communities
  • Get incentives right
  • Foster an environment of respect and inclusiveness