Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory

Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory

ALCOR works with clients globally to provide world class solutions on a range of strategic transactions, including mergers, sell-side and buy-side advisory, leveraged buy-outs and other restructurings. We have more than 100 man years in cross border M&A; advisory and provide independent, research and experience-driven advice to help clients extract maximum value from their transactions. We specialize in cross-border, mid-market transactions across diverse sectors.

We not only provide consultancy but we also work and execute with you over a period of minimum five years. We build long-term client relationships by deeply understanding each client's unique business needs and keeping their objectives our top priority.

We provide with a range of product offerings of ALCOR which are tailor-made to suit your growth requirements.

Cross Border Advisory

ALCOR leverages its strong global footprints and its international board of advisors to provide clients high growth transactions across the globe. We use our international deal-making experience to deliver customized advice to clients on each transaction.

We assist clients evaluate international and domestic acquisition opportunities. Global Fortune 500 companies work with ALCOR to evaluate suitable targets across the globe for market entry or market share expansion.

Sell Side Advisory

ALCOR support our clients through the sell side transaction, and conduct negotiations on their behalf and provide objective advice on the quality of bids. ALCOR’s team of experienced Harvard trained negotiators create an outstanding win for the clients with multiple models and structures to bring in the best value.

Buy Side Advisory

ALCOR works with clients by defining the core growth strategy and setting the parameters for outbound acquisitions (domestic and international) to enable their inorganic growth strategies. ALCOR thereafter conducts its global search by identifying and evaluating suitable acquisition targets. ALCOR performs a thorough analysis of the synergies between the companies, and the commercial and intangible terms of the offer. We thereafter work on a scenario mapping and create the best value for our client through various models of acquisitions. We always deliver the best value for money invested for our clients.

Joint Venture Advisory & Execution

ALCOR is a leader in conducting a targeted international search (North America, Europe, Middle-east and Asia) for appropriate companies to establish a Joint Venture, realize the synergy, walk through the negotiation, conduct the valuation and structure the proposed entity.

ALCOR works with companies and enables inorganic growth through Joint Ventures for expanding business. ALCOR has structured several types of Joint Ventures – Minority controlled, Green field Switch Model, Performance Joint Ventures, Conditional structures in Joint Venture , Low cost market entry models and the like for various clients. Major corporations and mid-sized companies are getting together, and small companies can, too, on a less formal basis. In Joint Ventures we work with clients for a period of 5 years to mitigate risks of meeting partner dynamic expectations and iron out cultural conflicts while execution.

Strategic Alliance

ALCOR has evolved the low cost alliance models with equity buy in which have become viable alternatives to traditional mergers and acquisitions. The breadth of ALCOR’s' experience in this niche allows us a unique perspective, reflecting our involvement not only with the genesis, structuring and negotiation of joint ventures, but also, at times, the unwinding of such transactions. While most focus principally on the potential benefits of strategic alliance, we focus also, in part, on the less positive possible outcomes. We focus to deliver outstanding value to our clients.

Management Buyouts and Leveraged Buyouts

We also work with experienced management teams that desire to purchase the company they manage, but require outside sources of equity capital. In these situations, ALCOR helps the management teams find the right equity partner, structure the transaction including accessing leverage, and achieve the closure.

ALCOR M&A Financing

ALCOR has demonstrated continued advisory leadership on M&A; transactions involving financial sponsors, including providing equity and a variety of acquisition financing solutions for our clients. We capitalize on our network of relationships to reach out and identify the most appropriate capital raising alternatives for our clients, and entirely manage the capital syndication process. Our domain expertise across key sectors helps us position our clients effectively during capital syndication engagements.

We advise our clients on appropriate capital syndication strategies for the following purposes

ALCOR Approach

ALCOR approach is unique and self-disciplinary to ensure the client is successful. ALCOR global offices study prospects and contact them with presentation of possible M&A; transaction and its impact. On mutual agreement ALCOR proceeds to setup and structure the M&A; transaction with performance clauses to ensure long term success

ALCOR works on Progressive Milestone Fees and Success Fees, hence mitigating a deal failure risks for clients.