Private Equity


ALCOR combines superior execution capabilities, meticulous research, rich transaction experience and a network of global partnerships to help our clients close a variety of strategic and financial transactions. ALCOR has developed the proficiency to understand the business model of our clients, suggest to them the best means of funding, and bringing the most compatible Financial Partner to suffice our client’s funding requirements. We ensure that the deal reaches the specialist (the fund having the best-in-class industry and business knowledge related to the client’s business) to attain a successful deal closure. A trusted advisor understands the exact requirements of their clients and manages the private equity transactions in line with the investor’s investment philosophy.

ALCOR specializes in syndicating Equity Funding at different levels in following forms:

Venture Capital

We help in raising capital at Seed Funding stage, Early Stage funding, and for companies launching Greenfield projects

Private Equity

We help in syndicating Growth capital or Expansion Capital and also Project Finance capital.Our team of seasoned professionals who have extensive experience in a variety of disciplines, including strategic analysis, mergers, acquisitions, financing, and recapitalization. More importantly, our focused business model allows us to dedicate the necessary senior-level attention to clients.