Reach & Expertise

Global Footprint

Research teams are organized by country, region, and global industry to cover all major markets in Asia, Africa, Middle-east, Europe, Latin America, and North America.


Our economists not only forecast economic activity, inflation, interest and exchange rates but also provide daily insights into policy, economic, and political trends.

Investment Strategy

Working across equity and fixed income markets, the strategy team seeks significant market trends, themes, and investment strategies that lead to superior returns.

Company and Industry Research

Our research analysts deploy a variety of tools and resources to assess the investment outlook, including industry contacts, supplier and customer surveys, and public documents, as well as insights from Morgan Stanley analysts following other industries, regions, and asset classes. We look for inflection points that the market may be missing and use scenario analysis to identify future catalysts that will shape companies and industries and determine relative value.

Modeling and Valuation

ALCOR SME Modeling techniques and investment models provided unique intangible valuations, providing transparency and comparability to our global coverage universe. Our Open Research approach offers our investment views with a systematic calibration of risks and rewards.