Require Equity Financing?

ALCOR seeks to invest in companies that are spurring innovations in its niche market. Our IVY school-educated equity financing team at ALCOR has partnered with over 3000 funds globally. This helps you acquire different types of equity financing to make your business thrive.

  • Let’s help you get equity financing
    • Angel Capital
    • Venture Capital
    • Private Equity
    • Global Investment Funds

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Require Debt Financing?

ALCOR's experienced team of IVY school graduates will help you achieve debt financing, be it a startup or a large-sized enterprise. With our strong team and investment bank, we help our clients in the following debt financing.

  • Asset/Collateral Capital
  • Working Capital
  • Bridge Capital
  • Mezzanine Capital
  • Capital Preparedness

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Looking to Sell/Exit?

Are you looking to exit from your business, either through an IPO, Buy-out or by an Acquisition? ALCOR's team of Investment Bankers draw on deep industry expertise, experience, and clinical insights to bring the best value options and possibilities in making a high-value exit to global Investors.

  • Sell the Company for premium value to global investors

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Business Idea Feasibility Analysis

A business feasibility study is a professional way to prepare for your major proposal for investors and reduce the failures. It identifies the key issues through an investor's perspective to help you address them to succeed. Get your Business Preparedness Score Report now. It is also FREE.

Business Idea Commercial Viability Analysis

ALCOR's economic feasibility study tests the project's potential for success. We show the objectivity, credibility, and potential as perceived from an investor's perspective. We have funded companies across the world. Take our Business Idea Preparedness Score to see if it can: Generate revenue, get an idea of the potential investors and receive funds.

Funding Feasibility Analysis

ALCOR has relationships with 3000 Angel Investors, 500 Banks, 1000 PEs, 2000 Venture Capital, and 1000 debt funds in 60 countries – ALCOR Funding is your best bet to get a qualitative funding feasibility analysis and speed up the funding process of your project. Don't stop that IDEA! – take our free report today.

Business preparedness and Gap Analysis for funding

Our Startup expert team using AI, applies deep domain expertise to analyze your business through 50 parameters. With the growth gap analysis of your performance, we recommend changes that can help you secure funding. Take our free eligibility report to check your Business Preparedness Score now

Why ALCOR for Selling or Buying a company globally

ALCOR is a leading investment firm on the global stage, has an elaborate database of 200,000+ companies actively looking in the Mergers and Acquisition space. ALCOR also has a relationship with 5000 Funds in different sectors. Our team aligns our interest with the interest of our investors and partners. We cover all details, intangible values, historical details, multiples, comparable and original documents of various corporations and deals. The Harvard Business School educated team provides the best structure, negotiations, valuations, and interface to secure the best value at a sale or while acquiring. We have the most accurate corporate financial data and track of deals in Mergers and Acquisition space with data covering multiple businesses across North America, Asia, Europe, and Latin America. We aim to help you work more efficiently with our specially designed solutions that smoothly and quickly let you navigate the deal data. With ALCOR's most experienced minds in the industry, you can get critical and strategic decisions that lead to your business SUCCESS.

Funding Analysis Report

Getting into Merger or Acquisition

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