ALCOR’s Investment Banking staff supports our clients through the sell-side transaction and conducts negotiations on their behalf, providing objective advice on the quality of bids. ALCOR’s team of experienced Harvard trained negotiators help to create an outstanding win for the clients with multiple models and structures to bring in the best value. 

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Management Buy-outs (MBO) and Leverage Buy-outs (LBO)

ALCOR works with experienced management teams that desire to purchase the company they manage but require outside sources of equity capital. In these situations, ALCOR helps the management teams find the right equity partner, structure the transaction – including accessing leverage and achieving closure.

ALCOR Mergers and Acquisition Financing

ALCOR has demonstrated continued advisory leadership on M&A-transactions involving financial sponsors. This has brought about the provision of equity and a variety of acquisition financing solutions for our clients. We take advantage of our network of relationships to research and identify the most appropriate capital raising alternatives for our clients, and exclusively manage the capital syndication process. Our domain expertise across critical sectors helps us position our clients effectively during capital syndication engagements. We advise our clients on appropriate capital syndication strategies for the best outcomes. 



ALCOR’s Approach

ALCOR’s approach is unique and result-focused to ensure the client is successful. ALCOR’s global offices study prospects and contact them with the presentation of possible M&A- the transaction and its impact. On mutual agreement, ALCOR proceeds to set up and structure the M&A and make transactions with performance clauses to ensure long term success for all involved. 

ALCOR’s Investment Bank works on Progressive Milestone Fees, Retainer Fees, and Success Fees, hence mitigating a deal-failure risk for clients. 

Case Studies

ALCOR Investment Banking Global Relationships

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