At ALCOR, we leverage a strong team of Harvard’s brightest experts and minds to provide you thoughtful and informed strategies on direct investment or raising and acquiring funds for your business. Be it Start-up funds or you are looking at buyouts (LBO), ALCOR got you covered.  


With a decade-plus strong knowledge of the investment market – coupled with many years of experience, ALCOR provides you access to Private equity funding either as Venture Capital for Startup or Leveraged Buyout funds for mature companies looking for financial bailouts. Once your business or startup is innovative, has a great value proposition, and has a high potential for growth, our team of Harvard business experts will work hand in hand with your business to bring it to success.   

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Our Strategy

ALCOR operates through its investment bank, which brings transactions on a deal first basis to ALCOR private funds and if it does not fit the scope, this is then passed to a pool of global funds based on their specialization, expertise, and investment appetite as applicable. 

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