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How to brand your startup to make it instantly recognizable?

  • September 10, 2020
  • AF Bureau
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The competition today is deadly. Every day a large number of startups enter the market. And to be able to survive in this extremely competitive environment you need a distinct identity backing you up.


Branding for your startup business is what makes you stand out and be instantly recognizable. 


Importance of branding for a startup

Creating a unique identity for your business – When someone hears your business’s name, what do you want to happen? Should the logo of your business or your products/services instantly come to their mind?


Or should they get confused and try hard to distinguish you from your competitors? Probably the prior. Well, for that to happen you need to brand your startup in such a way that it gets its own unique identity.


Building Trust – Trust plays an important factor in making your business idea successful. Individuals will choose your products and services again and again if they trust you.


Startup Branding is what builds that trust. Hence, to be able to build a loyal customer base that trusts you, you need branding. 


How to go about branding your startup?


Tips for building your startup brand


Branding your startup consists of giving it a name and identity, defining its purpose, building an online presence and maintaining consistency through it all. Read on to know how exactly you can brand your startup in five steps.


Pick the right name – A name can very easily make it or break it for your business. Choose a name that’s simple to spell so that people can find you easily.


The name should also resonate with your brand purpose and the image you want to portray. Pick a name that’s easy to remember but also unique at the same time.


Focus on your website – The first-place customers will search for you is on the internet. Having a proper website in place adds a touch of professionalism and gets your business taken more seriously.


You can get designers to build a website for you. Or you can make use of platforms like Wix, WordPress to make these websites on your own.


Create a logo & other visual Identity – Your visual identity should be such that it attracts your audience and stays with them. This will include your logo, the font, color scheme, and design used by you.


Similar to a website you could either get a designer to work on your logo or do it yourself on platforms like Canva etc.


Defining your purpose – Purpose is what you strive for as a business. It is also very central to your brand identity. Having a well-defined purpose that you follow religiously helps you gain trust, loyalty, and ultimately a large following.


Build your social media presence – Another effective way for your startup branding is to maintain a good presence on social media platforms.


These platforms are also the medium through which the consumers interact with you. Make sure you continue the same aesthetics as is present on your website and other platforms to solidify your brand image.



For your startup to survive you need branding. It might seem like a daunting task but it isn’t. Moreover, this goes a long way in ensuring your business’s lengthy and successful existence.


You could work on your startup branding yourself or get an agency or a freelancer to do it for you.


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